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About Rough Tracks

Since our beginning in 1992, Rough Tracks has become the leading specialist provider of biking holidays.

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After starting with mountain bike tours only, we expanded our range to include road tours and tailor-made events. But rest assured - we are still the same dedicated, friendly team as before.

We offer carefully researched, well-organised road cycling and mountain biking adventure tours at a sensible price, while still retaining the genuine personal touch and flexibility that’s so important to the success of this kind of holiday.

Last year over one-half of our bookings were from previous satisfied guests.

We strongly believe in active adventure holidays and the resulting fun and sense of personal achievement. Over the course of your holiday, you will have the opportunity to meet new friends with similar interests, learn new skills, encounter new challenges and increase your confidence in the sports you are doing.

These holidays will leave you with an exciting, enriching experience to remember.

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To ensure our tours have a positive impact on local environments, wherever possible we visit rural communities in small groups and use facilities owned by locals. Many tours are based in regional nature parks and other special areas that are generally depopulated and are encouraging economic development through limited tourism.

Rough Tracks enables you to have a brilliant holiday whatever your level of ability. Fun, comfort, freedom and discovery form the backbone of a great experience, leaving you convinced that biking is simply the most rewarding way to travel.

we take the weight off your shoulders - literally!

Your luggage is transported, ready and waiting for when you arrive at your overnight stop. All you need to carry is your lunch, a drink and a few basic essentials. Our support vehicle will meet you several times during the day carrying cold drinks, extra snacks and spare clothing. It will also offer mechanical assistance or a lift for those wishing to take things more easily - either to the top of the next hill or to the overnight stop.

tour leaders

Map readingOur tour leaders are all experienced riders carefully trained to lead groups and handle any problems along the way. They take care of the daily organisation and planning, leaving you free to enjoy the delights of Rough Tracks’ enticing destinations. Your tour leader will help you discover hidden places and trails and, with their language abilities, enhance encounters with the local people. If you are a relative newcomer to biking then you’ll find they are an invaluable source of advice on how to improve your riding skills. With backup provided by the Rough Tracks support vehicle, you are given the freedom to enjoy biking amidst the splendid scenery. Before you begin, your tour leader will check that your bike is adjusted to suit you and ensure you know how to correctly operate the brakes and gears. Each morning they’ll help you to choose a route that suits your ability and pass on information about places and points of interest to look out for along the way.

tour routes

Rough Tracks has earned the reputation of having the best riding routes with the best tour leaders. Our routes are all carefully researched, ridden, tested and tested again before you, our guests, ride them. We then improve upon them every year! This means guaranteed good riding wherever you are in the world.

mountain biking tours

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To ensure you get the best from your riding, all mountain bike tours are guided by one of our experienced tour leaders. If you are a relative newcomer to off-road biking then, throughout the holiday, they will offer invaluable advice on how to improve your riding skills. With backup provided by the Rough Tracks support vehicle in case you need mechanical assistance or fancy taking it easy, you are given the freedom to enjoy biking amidst the splendid scenery.

road biking tours

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Different people travel at different speeds and on road biking tours, the pace can vary enormously from individual to individual. Some like to spend more time visiting the fascinating sights along the way while others want to stretch themselves with longer and harder days. To ensure that everyone has a good time, we provide you with routes notes and maps for each day. You then choose how much or how little you want to do with the reassurance that our support vehicle and tour leader will be regularly touring the route in case you need mechanical assistance or a lift on to the next stop.

get to know like-minded travellers of all ages and abilities

One of the major attractions of active travel in small groups is the camaraderie and friendship that develops. If you’re holidaying on your own, as many of our guests do, biking is a great ice-breaker for developing new friendships! Social, friendly fun will fill the day’s riding and the night’s eating and drinking as you get to know fellow travellers of all ages and abilities.

new to biking?

For those either new to biking or with limited experience, expert tuition is on hand. We can teach you the basics of riding a road bike on quiet roads. On a mountain biking holiday, you’ll learn the best way to use your gears and brakes and happily deal with the ups and downs of the trail using easy tracks and small, quiet roads. As your confidence and fitness improves, you may choose to progress to more challenging routes. For those who are already experienced riders there is always the choice of more demanding routes.